Community Challenge

COMMUNITY CHALLENGE is a project that was founded in REEL MAGIC PRODUCTIONS’ desire to give back to the community while educating and entertaining.

Designed as a “Reality Game Show” for areas devastated by natural disasters, our teams go into an area and help to create an atmosphere of comradery and success out of an otherwise heartbreaking situation.

In 2008, while researching how Reel Magic Productions could be of assistance in Orange County Texas, an area that had been inundated with Hurricane Katrina refugees a week before being devastated by Hurricane Rita (which had higher winds and was more devastating than Hurricane Katrina), we were handed an answer…Hurricane Ike.

When Hurricane Ike hit the still devastated region in September of 2008, REEL MAGIC PRODUCTIONS was able to have a camera team on the ground within hours along with two containers of tools and equipment contributed by companies such as Hilti tools, Stihl chainsaws and Home Depot.

Reel Magic Productions had the total support and cooperation of all State and local authorities. FEMAs lack of cooperation and understanding as to the hardships the region had faced and was facing along with the financial crash of 08-09, caused many of or sponsors, some of whom were on the verge of collapse themselves, to withdraw their support and the show was forced to fold.

Although currently on the “back burner,” Reel Magic Productions would like to someday revive this project.

The show had a budget of 30 million dollars and would have provided housing and jobs for nearly 1500 people for a minimum of two years.