Alpenglow/Alpine Glow

Created By Wm. Alan Pezzuto & Robert L. Sekula Written by Wm. Alan Pezzuto WGA Reg# 2049717 Just a few ...
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Demon’s Shadow

DEMON'S SHADOW is the continuing saga of the exploits of Harry Demon, son of a Pulitzer Prize winning War correspondent, ...
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Originally conceived and shot as a drama and social commentary on the rights of the people vs. the rights of ...
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Winchester model 1873 Repeating rifle -- “The Rifle that won the West” This one was used both in the Indian Wars and for home protection and providing the owner's family with fresh meat. This rifle last saw usage during deer season 2012. The background is leftover wainscoting board from the old family farm built in the early 1800’s outside Chesterfield. MO. One of the first “assault rifles,” it was a hangin' offense to sell or trade these to the Indians.

Our Fathers’ Guns

OUR FATHERS' GUNS is a docu-drama that will follow the family story-based history/journey of a number of firearms as they ...
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