Reel Magic Productions

Reel Magic Productions is a broad spectrum entertainment company with roots in Live Entertainment. Allthough we started with the production and promotion of live Magic Shows & Theater, we grew and branched into Film, Television and New Media production and distribution.

Now, as the world comes out of the Covid era, we are returning to our roots and branches as we, like so many other companies affected by the government restrictions of Covid, seek to see the trees through the forest.

Live Entertainment: Having used Magic and sleight of hand as a form of physical therapy, one of our founders supported, sponsored, produced and promoted live magic shows. Reel Magic Productions continued producing and promoting live entertainment through March 13, 2020 when the government mandate shutting the global economy down in order to “flatten the curve” was placed in effect. Now, as we endeavor to rebuild, we look forward to helping bring the Magic back into the world.