Although originally created as a dramatic view of the then emerging medical marijuana industry, POTLUCK has been forced to evolve, as the medical marijuana industry steps aside for the recreational industry and its legalization.

Now, as a dark social comedy, POTLUCK explores the world of legal recreational trailer3and medical marijuana.

POTLUCK is a cross between the television classics CHEERS and FRIENDS with a touch of NIP/TUCK and TWIN PEAKS thrown in for balance. It follows the lives of six people with diverse backgrounds, as they find themselves involved in, be it by choice, luck or lack of options, “going green.”

Original concept trailer

Regardless of your personal stance on the topic, each and everyone one of us does, or knows someone who smokes marijuana.  Many of us know people that have been arrested for it and in some cases been locked up for it. Just like cell phones, drones and illegal immigrants, “POT” is here to stay.

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