The Cancer Within

THE CANCER WITHIN is a docu-drama based on the life and events surrounding the Hauser family and their experience with the legal and social service systems as they attempted to cope with a cancer ridden child.

Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and given only weeks to live by the doctor that contacts child protective services when his ego is damaged by the request of a second opinion, we meet Danny Hauser and his mother Colleen.

Two members of a family of 10, none of whom have ever left the county in which they were born, are duped by the attorneys and people they trust into a journey that turns them into international fugitives, sought by Interpol the FBI and Homeland Security.

Imprisoned in a small house in Southern California, their faces on the news hourly, they are a mother and child faced with death and uncertainty in an increasingly hostile environment of someone else’s making.