Between Purgatory and Perdition

BETWEEN PERGATORY & PERDITION is the story of a Native American/First Nations individual.Totem 2

Born on the reservation to drug and alcohol addicted parents, William Francis “Clem” Swiftwater is virtually guaranteed a life of poverty and strife.

Pimping himself, his loved ones and anyone else he can con into controlling, he and his circle survive from day to day, not knowing their place in the tribe, society or the world.

When violence and personal degradation hit such lows as to cost lives, Clem has an epiphany and realizes that either life needs to change or he will die….hopefully to start over.

Based upon the lives of several individuals, this story tracks from the cradle to grave…or at least the time we all look into that abyss, how the decisions we make and the manner in which we treat each other effects our journey through life and beyond.