Demon’s Shadow

DEMON’S SHADOW is the continuing saga of the exploits of Harry Demon, son of a Pulitzer Prize winning War correspondent, Rex “Red” Demon, and a Pulitzer Prize nominee hopeful himself.

After Harry attempts to publish a conspiratorial link article in the Stars & Stripes, a military newspaper, his life and career take a turn for the worse. Several years and two passed over promotion lists and Harry finds himself “in the world and out of uniform.”

After nearly a year of submitting articles and photos to magazines and newspapers, Harry settles for a job with a checkout line tabloid, “THE ORACLE GAZETTE,” where he is free to A'Le'Innwrite whatever he wants so long as he has at least 500 words (and no more than 1500) turned in by 15:00 every Wednesday.

Torn between exposing the evils of the world and redeeming himself as a serious journalist, Harry is on a quest to prove and explain everything from the Roswell Crash to the off duty cop who actually killed Bobby Kennedy.

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