Alpenglow/Alpine Glow

Created By
Wm. Alan Pezzuto & Robert L. Sekula

Written by
Wm. Alan Pezzuto

WGA Reg# 2049717

Just a few miles north of their flagship store and corporate headquarters, one of the worlds foremost outdoor outfitters and environmental supporters has built a man-made global attraction. This attraction will showcase their dedication to technology and the environment and will also provide all those who enter with the ultimate shopping and lifestyle experience.

Today is kick-off of the grand opening of what will turn out to be not only one of the better shows on earth…but the last.

Simultaneously, over at the opening ceremonies of the G-40 meeting, world leaders are shocked as the sky begins to go dark. Looking skyward, those with science backgrounds suddenly recognize that the Nibiru (Dark Planet) theorists were right all along. The rest are just befuddled. The object hurtling toward them will impact in 3…2…

Dwarfing all other domed structures, the metallic glass ALPENGLOW/ ALPINE GLOW covers some 1280 acres. Built on a reclaimed, mined out island, counter-weighted and anchored to estuary bed, it represents everything tech. In spite of all its modern technology, it still has a downhome friendliness from an almost forgotten past. It is equipped with its own green power generation system and water maker to maintain the balance for the bio-dome environment. Along with the ambient lighting and sound, etc., it is being promoted as the “safest, most comfortable place on earth.”

As the earth is torn apart by the explosion of the impacting asteroid, the last thing the people inside the dome see is the compression wave splattering the ribbon cutting dignitaries and media against the outside walls.

Everything is black….

Within seconds it is light again. We hear happy music, ads over the PA system and, at first blush, everything appears normal.

The camera pulls back showing a debris field where the earth should be with the only discernable life being on the floating rock, ALPENGLOW.

This is their story.

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